Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swap or Go Round?

The new book is finished and off to ECW for editing. Now comes the hard part - the title.

I'm looking for something that means, "all relationships are symbiotic." This because the book is about different groups of organized criminals fighting for territory, old groups giving way to new. It's about younger cops starting to move up in the force. And, oh yeah, there's a couple murdered in their car on the way home from a "lifestyle" event - what used to be called wife-swapping.

So, Swap or Go Round?

They're both from songs, of course, as all my titles are.

Swap is from a song I made up for a band in the book called Smiley's People - which was a band I played guitar for in the mid-80's along with Alan Taylor, who wrote the music for the Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere trailer and Michel Basilieres who wrote the award-winning novel, Black Bird.

Go Round is from the Billy Preston song, "Will It Go Round In Circles?" which has the lines, "I've got a story, ain't got no moral/The bad guy wins every once in a while." Which, I guess if you've read my books you wonder, "once in a while?" There's also a little, 'what goes around comes around' in the book.

So, which title?


Dana King said...

Just based on what's described here, since the main point of the story is the OC part, not the "lifestyle event," I think GO ROUND sounds better. Given my history with titles, that strongly implies SWAP is the way to go.

pattinase (abbott) said...

How about Devour?

Keith Rawson said...

I love single word titles, I'd go with SWAP

Patty said...

How about the often used Helter Skelter?

No, then I vote for Swap.