Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CBS Cancels The Bridge

Or so I've heard. Too bad, this Saturday was sceduled to be an episode I co-wrote with Dannis Koromilas.

Still, it looks like there will be a Season Two on CTV next year.


Scott Parker said...

Dang, that sucks. Question: you still got paid for the writing, right? CTV = Canadian TV?

Dave Zeltserman said...

John, the Boston Globe today had an article about 3 police shows from Canada--two of them they thought were pretty bad, the one they liked and thought was worthwhile was The Bridge.

seana said...

Uh, I haven't even seen the episodes they didn't cancel. Have I missed a beat?

Adrian McKinty said...

Sorry about that bro.

John McFetridge said...

Scott, yeah we still got paid ;)

Dave, I saw that review. There have been a few good reviws. It seems like the pilot was energetic and a little different but CBS has decided the subsequent episodes didn't live up to the promise. The show was really caught between being serialzed and being episodic.

Seana, the show was on Saturdays at 8:00 and CBS seems to have had it in some kind of witness protection.

Thanks Adrian, but it does look like we're still going to do season two for Canada at least.

All in all a great experience and maybe even some material for a book.

seana said...

Hmm. Maybe I can still catch a few on On Demand.

In my experience, CBS hasn't been very good about getting behind a show and just sticking with it for awhile.

Julie Mellors said...

Obviously you're becoming very famous. Joss Whedon gets canceled ALL the time. Sadly we don't get quality TV like The Bridge, we get endless repeats of Murder She Wrote!!!