Friday, February 08, 2008


Advance copies of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere have gone out and we're starting to get blurbs. This is very exciting, something that's never happened to me before. Here are some:

“Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is just one hell of a read, takes off like a bullet and never let’s up, like a wondrous mix of Elmore Leonard and McBain but with a dazzling Canadian slant that is as fresh as it is darkly hilarious. Detective Bergeron and under-house-arrest Sharon MacDonald are just terrific creations; they leap off the page and the only flaw is the book is over before you can quite catch your breath—it’s that enthralling.”—Ken Bruen, author of Edgar-nominated Priest.

Who’d have thought there was such a seedy side to Toronto, and McFetridge is the perfect guide. Everyone Knows this is awesome! - Victor Gischler, author of Shotgun Opera (yeah, now, but pretty soon we'll be saying author of Go-Go Girls of the Apocolypse)

“Crackling dialogue, explosive action, cops, crooks, and the deadly setups, scams, and mind games these underworld types play. Sounds like a good Elmore Leonard novel. Reads like one, too. Enjoy.”—Parnell Hall, author of Hitman.


Josephine Damian said...

Hey, great news! Ken and Victor are cool beans.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Looks like its gonna be a hit, John. Aces blurbs.

Peter Rozovsky said...

Looks like the hardcover of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere and the paperback of Dirty Sweet will be on the shelves at Indigo May 1. Too bad, since I'm in Canada now, and I was looking forward to spending some rich, new Canadian dollars.

Ah, well. I'll renew the search in a couple of weeks.
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