Saturday, February 09, 2008

Growhouse - the short story

Finally there's an anthology in the Akashic series of city noirs set in Toronto. I tried to contact the editors and publisher quite a few times but I never got any response on how to submit a story for consideration. There's been some chatter ;)

Anyway, the story I would have submitted, Growhouse, was accepted by Bryon Quertermous at Demolition Magazine and it's in the current issue, so thanks Bryon.


Peter said...

I've never known what to make of those city noir collections. As vehicles for getting more short fiction by some fine writers into print, they're excellent, but any effort to capture a city's personality in 250 or 300 pages is liable to be strained.

Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London and Paris earned their personalities over many years and through many stories. I'm not sure Minneapolis/St. Paul, Toronto or even Havana has done that yet. But congratulations on the acceptance of your story. I'll take a look, and perhaps I'll feel a flush of pride over some crime fiction from my native country. But I won't expect it to somehow capture the essence in just a few pages of that country or its largest city.
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