Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Swap - catalogue copy

It's impossible to write a synopsis. Well, maybe it's just impossible to write a synopsis for your own work. You never focus on the right things, you over-explain the wrong parts or talk about the wrong characters.

Or maybe that's just me.

So the good folks at ECW wrote this fine synopsis which appears in their catalogue:

Detectives Price and McKeon are called to the scene — a husband and wife found slumped in their car, parked sideways on a busy downtown on-ramp, a bullet in each of their heads. That's what's in the papers, and that's all the public sees. Toronto the Good, with occasional specks of random badness.

But behind that disposable headline, Toronto's shadow city sprawls outwards, a grasping and vicious economy of drugs, guns, sex, and gold bullion. And that shadow city feels just like home for Get — a Detroit boy, project-raised, ex-army, Iraq and Afghanistan, only signed up for the business opportunities, plenty of them over there. Now he's back, and he's been sent up here by his family to sell guns to Toronto's fast-rising biker gangs, maybe even see about a partnership.

The man Get needs to talk to is Nugs, leader of the Saints of Hell. Nugs is overseeing unprecedented progress, taking the club national, uniting bikers coast-to-coast (by force if necessary), pushing back against the Italians, and introducing a veneer of respectability. Beards trimmed to goatees, golf shirts instead of leather jackets, and SUVs replacing the bikes. And now the cops can't tell the difference between bikers and bankers.

Detectives Price and McKeon? All they can do is watch and grimace and drink, and sweep up the detritus left in crime's wake — dead hookers, cops corrupted and discarded, anyone else too slow and weak to keep up, or too stupid not to get out of the way. This is Toronto's shadow city, and you won't recognize it.

That's pretty much what the book is about.


Dana King said...

This should be plenty to hook anyone at all familiar with either of your previous books, and intrigue everyone else. They did a nice job for you.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Sounds pretty splendid to me.

John D said...

Drugs, guns, sex, and gold bullion? Sounds like I really need to visit Toronto.

That synopsis makes Swap sound like a good read. The cover's pretty cool too.

Sean Chercover said...

Sounds great - can't wait to read it!

Barbara Martin said...

Sounds like you have the 'real' Toronto in a nutshell. I look forward to reading this book of yours.

Mike Knowles said...

Wicked Bad Ass, John.

Dannis said...

It's about time a writer honed in on Old York City, which has been just as bad as their little brother New York City for a hundred years or so...

film rights, and all that great stuff to follow J.M..

Anonymous said...

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