Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hard Luck Stories

Isn't that just so cool? It's the illustration by Jean-Pierre Jacquet for my story, Barbotte, in the current (and sadly last) issue of Hard Luck stories.

A huge, huge thank-you to Dave Zeltserman and Ed Gordon for doing this. It's a ton of work for them and I really appreciate it.

My story, set in Montreal in 1946, is a tribute to my Dad, who passed away in 1985 and would have been very proud. The main character, Nat Lawson, like my Dad, is a telephone installer who knows everyone in town. As far as I know, my Dad was never involved with gangsters, crooked cops or jazz musicians, but they were there and he was there...

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Peter Rozovsky said...

I'm second-generation Cote St. Luc with ancestral roots in Outremont. I never knew about this stuff when I was growing up.
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