Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Fun Reading and Back on Kindle

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be one of three writers reading from our books at Ben McNally Books, a terrific bookstore on Bay Street in downtown Toronto (in 1981 I started out at university in the economics department and dreamed about working on Bay Street so this was a long time coming ;).

For more info about the evening, check out Julia Madeleine's blog (and pick up her novel, The Truth About Scarlet Rose while you're there, it's good).

At the reading I heard a rumour from someone at ECW that IPG and Amazon were close to working out their disagreement and the my books would soon be available once again for the Kindle, and I see today that has happened. So far the bundle of the first three novels hasn't shown up on Kindle (it's available for Kobo) but it should soon.

Friday, May 11, 2012

ECW Crime Night

Wednesday, May 23rd at Ben McNally Books:

As the invitation says, there'll be short readings by Mike Knowles, Brent Pilkey, David Whellams, Marc Strange and me.

I haven't read the Marc Strange or David Whellams books yet, but my guess is they're up the usual high ECW standards (present company excepted and all that..) and I know for sure that Mike Knowles and Brent Pilkey are very, very good and also worth hearing live, so to speak.

So, Ben McNally Books, 366 Bay Street, Toronto. The Jays are out of town that day, anyway...

Friday, May 04, 2012

My Hobby

Years ago I had a photography hobby that I've recently started up again.

It's very simple. When I see a business called "Mr."-something, I take a picture.

Like this:

And now I'm going to post the pictures on a blog called Mr. Pictures.