Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is He Vince?

So, my co-writer Dannis Koromilas and I are adapting Dirty Sweet into a screenplay.

So far so good.

We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but it's good to be optimistic (at least for me, makes those days where we have to cut out so many of my beautifully crafted scenes easier) so we're talking about our ideal cast.

And I'd like to know if people think that guy - Russell Peters - would make a good Vince.

If the movie gets made it's likely Russell will be in it somwhere. In Hollywoodspeak, Dannis has a "relationship" with him.

I think he'd make a terrific Vince.

One thing we really noticed breaking down the novel for the screenplay is that Vince doesn't do all that much, he mostly watches other people do stuff. He reacts.

When you watch Russell perform, a lot of his act is interacting with the audience - reacting to what people say. He's very good at it. He's one of those guys who can express an awful lot with very few words and a raised eyebrow.

So, what do yo think. Is he Vince?


Peter Rozovsky said...

I shall think upon this Vince matter. In the meantime, good luck with the screenplay.
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Dana King said...

I had to think about this overnight, as he is not how I pictured Vince when I read the book. Now that I've had some time, yeah, he'll do nicely.

God luck with this. I know how hard it is for any project to come to fruition, but I think both your books would make good movies.

marco said...

It's not how I had pictured him either, but if you think he would be a good choice, who could be a better judge?

I'm sure he could act the part. The photo is more convincing than the video for me. It expresses more of the sly, self-confident air of Vince.

Good luck with the screenplay!

Mike Knowles said...

He's a good Vince. He's charming as hell, but when you look at still shots of him you can see there is a darker side to him that would work perfect.

Never saw Russel Peters coming, but I like it now that I see it. Nice one, John.