Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's taken a while to make my books available for the Kindle - so far it's just Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - and at the price I'd like (less than ten bucks) but I've been able to get both Dirty Sweet and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere up on Kobo for $8.19 each (seems like an odd price, doesn't it? Who knows how that happened).

Available here.

Kobo also has two of my short stories available for free, Grow House and Barbotte.

I'm not sure if these are only available in Canada or not. Kobo is the e-book division of the Chapters-Indigo bookstore chain.

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Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Man, I didn't know you had other blogs besides Levitown. No wonder my comment is still there from ions ago. Glad I found this blog. Great news about the Kindle versions. I have a Nook but it is compatible. "Grow House" kicked ass! Look forward to following your blogs and writing as I really dig your style.