Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Terminal Damage

Another short story.

Every Wednesday I blog on the Do Some Damage website and a while ago one of the other folks there suggested we put out a collection of short stories.

Because we were all very busy and barely keeping up with the blogging we decided to make it a little tougher on ourselves and link up the stories. So, every story has a little something to do with JFK Airport.

For example, my story, The Gladiator Resort, starts:

The plane was two hours late landing at San Jose, Costa Rica, JT saying they were delayed at JFK, place was locked down, “Somebody probably tried to bring shampoo on the plane.”

If you're familiar with my books you probably recognize JT (he also shows up in my story in the Discount Noir anthology) and the Gladiator Resort was being planned way back in Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.

So now the Terminal Damage anthology is available for Kindle here.

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