Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Fun Reading and Back on Kindle

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be one of three writers reading from our books at Ben McNally Books, a terrific bookstore on Bay Street in downtown Toronto (in 1981 I started out at university in the economics department and dreamed about working on Bay Street so this was a long time coming ;).

For more info about the evening, check out Julia Madeleine's blog (and pick up her novel, The Truth About Scarlet Rose while you're there, it's good).

At the reading I heard a rumour from someone at ECW that IPG and Amazon were close to working out their disagreement and the my books would soon be available once again for the Kindle, and I see today that has happened. So far the bundle of the first three novels hasn't shown up on Kindle (it's available for Kobo) but it should soon.

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Dana King said...

It's frigging about time. Corporate bastards--I mean, generous artistic facilitators.