Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The "Bill" Article

Here is the newspaper article that started me on the road to Black Rock.

It was a small notice on page 3 of the January 2, 1970 edition of the Montreal Gazette.


Peter Rozovsky said...

Je (ne) me souviens (pas)! I know it now through your novel even though I was there at the time, sort of.
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"
Detectives Beyond Borders

John McFetridge said...

Peter, I delivered that newspaper to houses in my neighbourhood but the only story I would have been interested in was, "Gump talks of retiring." I liked Rogie Vachon but Gump was my favourite.

Peter Rozovsky said...

I had a Gazette route for a while, too. That was in the days when milkmen still delivered, and my most notable accomplishment as the world's least successful newspaper boy was that I would occasionally drink the customers' chocolate milk.

Peter Rozovsky said...

I realized when I read your headline that if you played word association with Anglo Quebecers and said, "Bill," most would probably reply "101."