Friday, April 06, 2012


Dirty Sweet and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere are now available as audiobooks from

Swap and Tumblin' Dice should be available sometime this month and they'll all be available soon from iTunes.

All four are narrated by William Dufris and I think he does a fantastic job.

And there was a review of Tumblin' Dice in the National Post today by Sarah Weinman which said very nice things. My favourite part is: "Each of John McFetridge’s three previous novels have a rhythm to them, mixing taut dialogue, spare description and a dark sensibility with the cool calm of a master bass player."

It's funny she mentions the bass. I bought my first bass, a Hagstrom, in about 1978 but when I joined the band Smiley's People in 1985 I switched to guitar (strictly rhythm, as they say) and the bass was played by Michel Basilières, whose fantastic novel Black Bird won the Amazon/Books in Canada Best First Novel Award.

The real guitar player in Smiley's People was Clifford Schwartz and here's a clip of him playing with Cirque du Soliel:


Dana King said...

It's encouraging to see your books are becoming more widely available, at least as far as media are concerned. That can only bode well.

seana graham said...

Great news. I would actually really like to hear these books read by someone who knows what he's doing. I will have to check these out.

Julie Mellors said...

There go two more of my Audible credits %-) Huge congratulations!

sports handicapping services said...

I like knowing that people think of any book and read it after me. thanks